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Outsource Seismic provides sufficient resources, training, equipment and controls to assure a safe, secure, and positive worksite. The Field Administrator, Crew Supervisor, and Safety Coordinator are responsible for verifying all employees and contractors have the relevant and current certificates (safety tickets) while at the worksite.


At OutSource Seismic training is on-going. A properly trained work force can help minimize accidents and incidents by ensuring that employees have the necessary tools to work in the safest and most efficient way possible. Even senior workers can benefit from additional training. Not only does it serve as a good example for new staff, it can also identify negative safety habits and teach safer ways to complete a task.

•  Training can encompass many forms:

•  Safety orientations for new personnel

•  Job-specific training

•  Additional safety training for Site Supervisor and Management

•  Certified training from external organizations

•  Specialized training

•  Refresher training

•  Drills

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