Maverick League

Sustainable Practices

Where impacts are unavoidable, we take additional measures to ensure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible.


Low Impact Seismic (LIS)


Low Impact Seismic (LIS) techniques use drills that are light and compact, which minimizes soil and ground disturbance, and allows them to maneuver through industry-leading narrow line widths. The units follow a meandering course between shot points, avoiding large and valuable trees, and further reducing the loss of valuable timber.




OutSource Seismic relies exclusively on mulching to clear seismic lines. Mulching operations are a sustainable alternative to conventional heavy equipment such as bulldozers when clearing dense understory and trees. There are numerous benefits of mulching, including:


•  Mulching units are capable of achieving extremely narrow line widths, significantly reducing timber loss.


•  Wood chips from the mulched trees are evenly distributed along the cut line to form a path preventing rutting and
   allowing easy access for workers and equipment.


•  The units leave little debris behind eliminating the need for burning and lowering the risk of fires.


•  The tree root structure and soil remain undisturbed promoting faster regeneration, limiting erosion, and in some
   cases, eliminating the need for seeding.


•  The mulched wood chips decompose faster than larger tree parts.


•  Cuts lines that are narrow and meandering, limiting the line-of-site, and protecting wildlife from hunters and predators.

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