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OutSource Seismic has developed working relationships with many experienced and qualified surveyors who practice not only conventional and more recent GPS surveying, but also utilize the latest in Digital Imagery such as LiDAR to ensure that all source and receiver points are accurately placed for your 2D, 3D, or 4D programs.


Once a program has been modeled and approved, OutSource sends pre-plot coordinates of all source and receiver points in the program model to our surveyors. A set of instructions on how to recover or move source and receiver points for obstacles encountered in the field are also supplied, along with the coordinates.


Our surveyors maintain close contact with landowners, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure that your seismic acquisition is done correctly and with minimal interruptions. On-site hazards, program access, as well as cultural and other geographic features, which will effect the cost and execution of seismic acquisition are mapped prior to commencement of, and in conjunction with the survey. Regular and frequent communication between the surveyors and OutSource project managers ensure the timely resolution of survey issues.


The surveyors work results in a set of coordinates and elevations known as a post-plot survey, which is then passed on to the seismic drillers and recording crew for use in the completion of the final stages of the acquisition


Whether your seismic program is located in the foothills, on the plains, or in heavy forest canopy, OutSource Seismic will match the capabilities of our seismic surveyors with your program requirements to ensure your seismic program is accurately and efficiently surveyed.

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