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OutSource Seismic is committed to reducing our footprint on the land by providing detailed scouting. Prior to commencing a seismic program we provide a comprehensive report to ensure proper logistics are applied in every aspect of the program.


The program can be inspected by several means of transportation: helicopter, quad, snowmobile, or truck. Scouting a program by helicopter enables us to determine any existing lines that can be utilized to eliminate further cutting. LiDAR, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and resource maps are used to assess the terrain and forest cover. Scouting a program will help identify the following:

•  Maximum utilization of existing access

•  Determine the vegetation

•  Utilizing the most efficient cutting method

•  Type of equipment required which will help to minimize environmental damage

•  Determine proper program commencement


Scouting is an invaluable step to the success of the program and to minimize the seismic footprint.

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