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Rules and Procedures

OutSource Seismic strictly adheres to two sets of safety regulations:


1. Company Rules and Procedures: These are rules and procedures created by OutSource Seismic and enforced by company policy. They are communicated by:

•  Policies: Refer to the Commitment & Involvement section of our manual. They include Health & Safety, Violence in
   the Workplace, Drug & Alcohol, and Guiding Principles.

•  Safety Standards: Specific Contractor standards.

•  Safety Meetings, site orientations and the Contractor Approval Process.

•  Posted Safety Rules in all main work areas.


2. Government Regulations: These are regulations outlined by the provincial government and are enforceable by law. In Alberta the governing document is the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act, Regulation and Code. Each Province has different HSE legislation. All OutSource Seismic staff and contractors must be familiar with the application OH&S requirements based on workplace health and safety requirements.

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