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Seismic data for a 3D program is acquired by shooting a source point into a pattern of receivers, the pattern is known as a ‘recording patch’. The recording patch could be simple if the source/receiver points lie along a straight line, although culture can force the sources and/or receivers to be moved from the ideal straight line. In this case the recording patch can be more complex. The recording patch or script is loaded into the recording instrument so that proper receiver pattern can be recorded for each point. Our modeling software can output recording scripts for various instrument formats including I/O II, Aram, and SPS (Sercel).


Each program OutSource manages during the recording phase is visited by an observer with 30 years field experience. OutSource will insure the contractors recording systems, and geophone response tests meet the highest possible industry standards. Geophone plants are audited to insure they comply with client’s parameters (for instance: good coupling and spacing).


The success of a seismic program is dependant upon the quality of the recorded seismic data. OutSource has experienced personnel who can monitor aspects of recording operations including data quality, crew efficiencies, environmental safety and compliance.

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