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OutSource currently has 10 Certified Permit Agents available to take care of any land or field services in Canada and the United States. Our agents, through years of experience and certification obtained from the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) and regulatory agencies in Western Canada, have both the knowledge and skills to conduct all permitting activities in a professional and ethical manner. The permit agents are supervised by our Manager of Permitting Services, who is a certified permit agent with over 16 years of field experience.


Gaining right of entry is required to enter onto Private and Crown owned surface rights. Our permit agents offer the following services:

•  Landowner Negotiations for right-of-entry and access

•  Coordinate Water Well and Natural Spring testing prior and subsequent to program

•  Comprehensive pre-scouting of program

•  Complete Geophysical Site Condition Report and apply for Letter of Clearance

•  Environmental and Reclamation Service


Our Project Managers together with our Manager of Permitting Services will provide the client with a responsible estimate of release costs for the seismic program. OutSource recognizes that our permit agents represent our client and will not compromise our client’s relationship with the landowner. Landowner concerns will always be responded to in both a diligent and professional manner.


First Nations Consultation


OutSource Seismic has extensive experience consulting and working together with First Nations where seismic programs may have the potential to adversely impact the First Nations’ Rights and Traditional Uses of public lands. Examples of areas, which require consultation, are burial grounds, gathering sites, historic or ceremonial locations, and existing constitutionally protected rights to hunt, trap and fish. OutSource will include in its consultation the employment of the First Nation’s people ensuring all safety requirements such as training and certification to industry standards are achieved.

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