Maverick League

Line Preparation

OutSource takes seriously the need to reduce our footprint on the land and protect our wildlife. We begin by screening each project to identify any environmentally sensitive areas and/or historically significant resources. Careful, advanced planning to utilize existing access as much as possible is always undertaken.


New and innovative cutting technologies allow us to strategically cut lines to a bare minimum width of 1.5m. This line width greatly reduces the overall damage to forest habitat, especially when compared to the conventional 5.0m cutlines formerly used for clearing vegetation. The use and method of cutting equipment has also dramatically changed how seismic activity impacts the environment.


The current use of mulchers as opposed to bulldozers has greatly reduced the width of cutline’s and soil compaction; resulting in less fragmented vegetation and damage to the soil. This Low-Impact Seismic (LIS) technique is used on nearly all seismic projects, and helicopters are now used frequently to transport equipment and crews, thereby reducing direct ground traffic. Through preplanning, extensive ground scouting, and a combination of Aerial Photography, LiDAR, and GPS, clearing a line width greater than 3.0m is seldom necessary.


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