Maverick League

Emergency Response

In an event where prevention measures have been unsuccessful, Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) provide employees and contractors with the means to properly respond to an emergency. The OutSource Seismic Field Administrator is responsible for updating the Emergency Response Plan based on each phase of the seismic program and the associated hazards. This written plan includes:

•  Inventory of hazardous substances

•  Risk assessment

•  Procedures for evacuation

•  Procedures for spill cleanup and re-entry of worksite

•  Training and drills


Additionally, all staff (or at least one person per crew) must be able to:

•  Provide basic first aid to injured workers

•  Provide transportation to a medical facility for injured workers

•  Conduct basic fire-fighting duties (i.e. handling a fire extinguisher)

•  Contact appropriate authorities, managers, clients and/or other agencies for assistance as soon as an incident is c 

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