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OutSource Seismic has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to obtaining approvals on Seismic Programs. Our dedicated and informed staff considers all aspects of Seismic Program Design to allow for a smooth process.

With approval in mind, designing a Seismic Program is based on information from:


•  Scouting the program area

•  Client discussion

•  Government consultation

•  Holdings/dispositions report

•  Mapping the program with up-to-date topographic & restrictions GIS datasets

•  GIS Digital Elevation Model terrain analysis

•  Satellite/Aerial Imagery


At OutSource Seismic, it is our responsibility to bring Seismic Programs through the approval process confident that no difficulties will arise. OutSource Seismic guarantees that the latest government procedures, regulations, and restrictions are followed to ensure continued approval success. OutSource is well-represented at conferences, remains actively involved within the Seismic community, and pursues the most recent GIS mapping datasets for program design.


Approval for a Seismic Program is based extensively on the impact to the area’s watercourses, vegetation, and wildlife. OutSource Seismic prides itself on efficient, low-impact program designs that not only benefit the area's vegetation and wildlife, but allows for a quick approval and reduced costs.

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